I have so many plans for my business – I just need the capital to make them happen.

With our Restaurant Funding programs, you can get cash to start making the improvements you’ve always planned for. Our Marketing Services promote your brand to our member base of millions. You choose the program to meet your needs and make your business thrive.

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Dan Kazan, CEO

How can a cash infusion and access to millions of engaged customers help you achieve your goals? We tell you what you need to know.


How can a cash infusion and access to millions of engaged customers help you achieve your goals? We tell you what you need to know.



Associate your business with the nation’s largest brands.

By partnering with Rewards Network, you’re also partnering with the most prominent airlines, hotels, and retail operations in the United States. Your restaurant gets exclusive access to millions of top tier loyalty program members.

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Achieve your future goals now.

Receive capital funding and reach a nationwide audience of potential customers via our innovative marketing services – all without changing your current strategy.

Our Marketing Services program is automatically included when you participate in one of our Merchant Cash Advance programs.

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Premier Restaurant Funding

The amount of the cash advance is based on the total credit card sales at your location, allowing you to receive more cash up front.

Dining Credits

The amount of the cash advance is based on future credit card sales from our extensive member base at your location.

Marketing Services

Rewards Network drives our exclusive member base to your business via multiple digital channels, including consistent, targeted email messaging; advertising on partner websites; and promotion through social sharing.

Take your business further.

The benefits of being in our network don't end with our financial and marketing services. Rewards Network also provides you the tools to drive greater consumer traffic over the long term. From better understanding your customer base to offering them incentives to dine more frequently, we've got you covered.

See customers spend 23% more.

That’s how much our members spend (on average) over other guests at program restaurants. And with more than 1 billion rewards distributed annually, our members are motivated to keep spending at Rewards Network partner restaurants.

Better understand your customer.

Every year, Rewards Network members submit more than 1 million comments about the restaurants they visit — and with our Comment Management System, you can personally review and respond to every one.

Build loyalty, one reward at a time.

By partnering with Rewards Network, you offer your customers more than a great dining experience; you offer them the rewards of their choice, every visit.

And watch your business grow.

Other cash advance programs can't promise continual improvement. But Rewards Network not only gets you the cash you need today, we also help you grow your business year after year.

Get started, seamlessly.

Partnering with us requires no new processes and no additional training. All you have to do is sign up and start enjoying the benefits of being in our network.

Or call (866) 559-3463 or email cash@rewardsnetwork.com to talk to a representative.

If there was an issue with your initial inquiry or a mistake in the information provided, please resubmit your information. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Over 6 Million Members and Growing

About Us

For over 30 years, Rewards Network has helped restaurants increase their revenue, traffic, and customer engagement through our innovative financial and marketing services and premier dining rewards programs. Our commitment to your business includes providing access to capital, actionable data to assist real-time customer engagement, and promotional programs that enhance your top line.

Rewards Network offers its dining programs in partnership with major airline frequent flyer programs, several of the nation’s largest bank card issuers, numerous key players in the loyalty marketing industry, and dozens of national corporations. Our 6 million members include frequent flyers, corporate cardholders, and a pool of highly motivated diners who spend hundreds of millions of dollars annually at participating restaurants.